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The first Eco Golf Balls were made in Columbus, Indiana in 1997. The early golf balls were made from ground rawhide and made using a compression molding machine. The finished balls were very hard and could damage the face of a driver, so we only recommended using an iron. In 2010 we began making the Eco Golf Balls out of birch wood, this was the same material used when the golf ball was first discovered in the early 1600’s. Today Eco Golf Balls are made with advanced injection molding equipment similar to how manufacturers make plastic golf balls today. However Eco Golf Balls are made from a water-soluble material called PVA. PVA (poly vinyl alcohol) is the same material used in white school glue. This material is 100% non-toxic, water-soluble and biodegradable. The Eco Golf Ball is the only golf ball approved by the United States Coast Guard to be hit into fresh or salt water.
The Eco Golf Balls feels, looks and flies like a real golf ball.

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